P-Lo's World


Peter Loberg is scared, lonely, bombastic, complicated, and yearning for meaning in his narcissistic world.  If it weren’t for his rare disability, and his settlement money, he would just be that guy everyone loves to hate.  BUT since he has wads of cash, and an rare case of Puppetism, he also has his very own reality show.  You’re welcome.



A lonely narcissist with the rare disease, Puppetism, is finally discovered in his mother’s basement during her funeral.  This leads to a firestorm of news coverage, resulting in this media darling’s very own Reality Show – fueled by vast sums of money and ego.



Peter Loberg, stricken with the rare disease, Puppetism, is kept a secret from the world by his Mother.  After her untimely death, Peter is discovered, and inherits her untold riches in settlement money (there was a chemical spill that resulted in his birth defect).  Addicted to the media coverage, Peter changes his name to P-Lo, and makes the decision to star in his very own reality show, “P-Lo’s House.”  Season One follows this once-agoraphobic narcissist as he collects an entourage of idiots, becoming a household name.  Under the guidance of his publicist, we find Peter Loberg adopting the P-Lo swagger on the Reality Show, but behind the scenes we see Peter struggling with his massive ego.



P-Lo’s house is a kind of updated Larry Sanders Show (a “show” within a “show”), where improvised moments during the Reality Show give it a sense of immediacy.  Outside the Reality Show, we see the real Peter in scripted segments that show the complicated nature of notoriety on his vast-yet-fragile ego.  



In my work with the Muppets and Jim Henson, I have discovered a brilliant puppeteer, Victor Yerrid, who has accepted the role of P-Lo.  There is opportunity for celebrity walk-ons during the reality show segments.  For the pilot sizzle, we had Tom Sizemore do a scene with us.  


Series created by Carroll Sevin and Matthew W. Davis, M.F.A.





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