Go Kid, GO!

Go Kid, GO!

Go, Kid GO! – sizzle/demo

Go, Kid GO! – imagine all the stage mom antics, combined with the adrenaline-fueled fathers as we muck around in the lives of this extreme sport for kids – with NO SEATBELTS! (I personally wouldn’t let MY kid drive 55mph with a bunch of other pre-teens – yikes!)

This sizzle follows a pint-sized 9-year-old girl CHAMPION OF NEVADA, who races 50+ mph GoKarts, and prides herself on being faster than all the boys. She leads a topsy-turvy home life: Her Dad is an obsessed Stay-at-Home Dad, her Mom is an Insurance Executive and the Breadwinner, and her Broadway-obsessed older brother has chosen singing and dancing over sports.

Our idea for the show would follow the trajectory of several kids as they prepare and compete in these high-stakes events. The narrative would weave between all their lives over the arc of each episode, culminating in the awards ceremonies.


Created by:  Alberto Lombardo & Matthew W. Davis

Directed by Matthew W. Davis

Produced by Alberto Lombardo