Ten of the Top-Rated Vine Stars Live in the Same Apartment Complex in L.A., auspiciously located at Hollywood and Vine.  Each have several million followers:

  • KingBach:  15.2M
  • Rudy Mancuso:  10.3M
  • Logan Paul:  9.1M
  • Jerry Purpdrank:  9.1M
  • Christian DelGrosso:  7.4M
  • Marcus Johns:  6.5M
  • DeStorm Power:  6M
  • Jake Paul:  4.9M
  • Amanda Cerny:  4.3M
  • PageKennedy:  3.5M

So, what is a Vine?  They are just 6.5 second home-made videos – but they are making these kids Millionaires.  Never heard of these Viners?  Go ask any teenage girl if she’s got a crush on Logan or his brother Jake Paul.  Five bucks says she will at least blush…   

Everything’s Vine follows this cadre of ultra-motivated Neighbors as they devise, workshop, and participate in each other’s Vines, while strengthening their individual notoriety and interpersonal bonds.  Theirs is a complex dynamic that feeds on collaboration, competition, and friendship.



There are a few Viners that are going off and getting their own reality shows, and even Rainn Wilson created a Sitcom about the phenomenon, but no one has focused on the Vine Complex Neighborhood as a crucible for character study.  Everything’s Vine has the potential to become the Millennials’ Real World version of Friends.

“This world, even to me, is so vast and nuanced and incomprehensible it’s like the blind man feeling the elephant—a giant merry-go-round of teens chasing someone who’s famous for making six-second videos.”

Freddie Wong (29), director who co-created “Video Game High School.”



To make this show work, there are numerous moving parts that need addressing – namely, securing the Talent and the Location.  Additionally, there are several corporate entities that pay the Viners for their Branded Vines that need to be included in the process.



There are several Girl Viners that show up frequently in the boy’s Vines, but don’t actually live in the complex.  They tend to hold supporting roles, and sometimes aren’t given credit on the Vines.  I would propose moving a few of the prominent Female Viners into the Complex, to add variety and gender perspective to the mix.



We might start an episode with a loosely drafted pitch session, where the Viners gather, and decide who will work on what Vine, and what the tasks might be.  They will spitball ideas – possibly with straws.  Then we are off on the day’s antics where we intercut tracking the lead and their principals as they make their Vines.  We bookend each episode with the final versions being uploaded, and watching as the results come in:

“Within an hour of its posting, KingBach’s Vine had garnered thirty-two thousand likes. After waiting three more hours, to whet interest in his director’s cut, Bach uploaded a fifteen-second version to Instagram. “If it gets six thousand likes in four minutes, that’s good,” he said. “Eight thousand is epic.” The likes clocked in at 8,115. “Now I’ll upload it to Facebook, get those views, and fans put all my Vines on YouTube—it’s too much work for me to upload them—which gets me ten to fifteen K a month from the ads.” By expertly tuning every knob on the digital mixer of himself, Bach made the video one of his top three ever. On Vine alone, it’s been viewed forty-one million times.” – Tad Friend, New Yorker Magazine



Outside the Complex, we will see how fandom affects these individuals, and how most of them have aspirations in breaking into Hollywood, but are yet to be taken seriously.

The power of many Vines are in reinforcing stereotypes.  There is internal discussion with these top Viners in moving past these stereotypes, and finding more truth in their comedy.

The ephemeral brevity of Vines is a metaphor for a Viner’s popularity.  Viners show a sense of urgency to keep moving forward or be lost to obscurity.  They may be working together, but if a supporting cast member shines brighter, that collaboration could turn on the creator.  There is a fine balance of collaboration and competition that is drama laden.

Traditional Gender roles are often at the heart of Vines, and by introducing more female Viners into the complex, these Gender roles will be challenged.




Rudy Mancuso

Logan Paul

Jerry Purpdrank

Christian DelGrosso

Marcus Johns

DeStorm Power

Jake Paul

Amanda Cerny


Series concept created by:  Matthew W. Davis, M.F.A.


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