SKULDUGGERY – feature script


An orphaned Cajun boy and his summertime friends must outwit a merciless Voodoo Queen in order to survive unearthing a legendary Pirate’s treasure.


“Beyond the intrigue of decoding pirate maps and the youthful thrill of discovery, I responded to the thematic resolve that ‘family is the greatest treasure of all.’”

– Script Consultant


SKULDUGGERY is a high-spirited and heartfelt family adventure with a fantastic setting well-realized and an endlessly endearing cast of characters. The Treasure Hunter Squad, as they come to call themselves, are a plucky and likable team that take this grand quest far beyond a bit of treehouse make-believe. Johnny is a complex and compelling hero. He has seen tragedy in his own life, but finds adventure, love, and hope with these new friends, and we’re right there with them. The script has a particular skill of blending credible danger with childlike purity, for an enchanting and compelling effect that is the stuff of great fantasy. The scene where Abby tames the fearsome Gris-Gris The Alligator with marshmallows is a charming example. From the mysterious bayou to the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana itself is practically a character, jumping off the page and playing an integral role in the nature of the adventure.”

– Blacklist Evaluation


“There’s such a lively sense of youthful adventure in this script: the writer has beautifully captured what it’s like to be young and full of wonder. The setting is evocative and vivid, filled with all sorts of dangers and delights. It’s the perfect location for a childhood adventure.”

– Blacklist Evaluation


“Overall, this is an enjoyable, swashbuckling, swampy adventure that will transport audiences to a different place without ever leaving our planet. Its positive message of inclusion, the wonders of childhood, and a life free of technology makes it a property worth considering at any production company looking to tell stories about kids in the American South.”

– Blacklist Evaluation


“The Louisiana Bayou is expertly described and captures the summertime glow of family films of the past. Perhaps the most interesting device in this script is the decoding of the treasure map, which adds a fun element for both the viewer and characters.”

– Blacklist Evaluation


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