SELL WELL! – the spec pilot


(represented by Al Hill – Epiphany Management Group)

I just completed the Show Bible, Pilot Outline, and Spec Episode script for Sell Well!  

SELL WELL! is a 30-minute sitcom in the tradition and tone of Workplace Comedies such as Scrubs and 30 Rock.  In this series, we follow the daily antics of the “creative” team who produces infomercials for obtuse gadgets and clients.



A former Child Star who had always played the “Fat Sidekick,” takes center stage as the Host of his infomercial company – hawking dubious merchandise on TV with the help of his marginally adequate staff, and his irritating stage-mother.



Every episode of SELL WELL! finds our ego-driven Protagonist, Ralph Bacon, leading the charge to sell yet another ill-conceived widget to the American Public – that same public who adored him as child star, “Ralphie the Fat Sidekick” from “those movies with the goat.”


LINK to the Show Bible